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  1. Home — Includes information about I.C.E. and our products.
  2. FAQ — Provides answers to frequently asked questions.
  3. Case Studies — Gives our solutions to unique problem situations faced by our industrial clients. Case Studies is divided into the following sections:
    1. Air Heater
    2. RR Tank Car Heater
    3. Anneal Furnace
    4. Conveyor Belt Oven
    5. Powder Coat Oven
  4. Products — Contains images and descriptions of our industrial products. Web pages include:
    1. Industrial Air Heaters
    2. Industrial Furnaces
    3. Industrial Ovens
    4. Industrial Powder Coating
  5. Moffitt Company — Has a description of Moffitt Company and the Mofitt industrial products. Web pages include:
    1. About Moffitt
    2. Moffitt Products
  6. Resources — Consists of links to our favorite websites.
  7. Client Info — Includes our client list and client testimonials.
  8. About Us — Provides information about our company history.
  9. Contact Us — Contains a contact form for you to easily email us and also our address, phone, and fax information.