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Whether it is a retrofit of an existing line, or a new flexo press, gravure press or coating line, Moffitt Company, Industrial Combution Engineers, and their support staff will work closely with you to custom design a drying system to meet your specific requirements. Contact us today and we'll provide you with a quote that will meet your particular needs.

Flexographic Press Dryers:

For speeds up to 1500 feet per minute on new presses, or retrofits of existing presses, Moffitt high velocity impingement nozzles provide the drying needed to keep your presses running at maximum speed. All of our drying systems are custom designed for your press, running your materials.

Rotogravure Press Dryers:

Moffitt rotogravure drying systems are custom designed to provide higher line speeds using solvent or water based inks. The unique Moffitt high velocity nozzles provide uniform drying and energy savings.

Coating and Laminating:

Whether your product is a high speed primer or laminating adhesive, or a heavy pressure sensitive adhesive application, Moffitt dryers are widely used throughout the converting industry to provide the maximum in performance, reliability and durability.

Specialty Drying:

Moffitt drying systems are used for traffic marking (UV, convection), decals (wicket dryers for screen printers), hotdog and sausage casing (steam), leather tanning (drying of hides on pasting plates), and a variety of specialty designed systems. All Moffitt drying systems are custom designed for the customers specific product.

Contact us today. You'll be glad that you did.