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I.C.E.'s industrial ovens are some of the most in-demand manufactured ovens in the industry. Why? Because they last! And because they provide reliable, consistent, worry-free performance, day-in and day-out. Thanks to the special attention we pay to issues, such as air flow quantity and turbulence, our ovens all provide excellent uniformity.

Whether your need calls for industrial ovens for curing, baking, or simply drying, for Class A or Class B ovens, for batch ovens or continuous ovens, I.C.E. is the one company to call for industrial ovens of every size, shape, configuration and capacity — custom manufactured to accommodate your precise needs.

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Our ceramics cone drying oven

Ceramics Cone Drying Oven — This high temperature oven is used in the drying of precision ceramic shapes. The shapes may range from two inches (2") high to as much as ten inches (10") high. The oven must be able to accommodate any or all of these sizes at the same time. The oven also has an adjustable line speed ranging from 1 foot per minute to as fast as 3 feet per minute. This is accomplished from the control panel by the use of a Mitsubishi Speed Control.

Our walk-in batch oven

Industrial Walk-in Batch Oven for temperatures up to 700°F. This particular 8' x 6' x 10' batch oven was designed to handle up to one gallon of solvent per batch.

Our continuous oven

Continuous Oven used for expanding foam production. Product "floats" on a bed of air while expanding to a maximum of 3/4" TK.

Our continuous dual fastener conveyor oven

Continuous Dual Fastener Conveyor Oven for temperatures up to 650°F. This 30' long, high capacity, conveyor oven handles up to 4,000 lbs. per hour. Used by automotive manufacturers to maintain critical temperature-over-time tolerances to reduce/eliminate potential for parts failure.

Our industrial curing oven

Industrial Curing Oven for temperatures up to 1,200°F and for capacities from 800 cubic feet and up

Our industrial walk-in batch oven

Industrial Walk-in Batch Oven with typical temperature range of 400°F. Used for low temperature drying of fiber refractory parts, as well as numerous other applications.

Our single conveyor belt oven

Single Conveyor Belt Oven for 500°F maximum with high heat charge section. This belt oven with dual lanes, 0% lane mixing, has an optional prewash/quench tank and conveyor. Post sorting unnecessary.

Our continuous conveyor drying oven

Continuous Conveyor Drying Oven with cooling section for moisture removal. High temperature, ceramic shapes.

Our high speed indexing conveyor oven

High Speed Indexing Conveyor Oven— Used for binding sound proofing materials.

Our continuous conveyor coating oven

Continuous Conveyor Coating Oven — with high turbulence preheat section, curing section, and cooling section. Utilized by the fastener industry in the spin dip coating process.