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Industrial Furnaces

I.C.E.'s industrial furnaces are custom engineered and precision manufactured in a vast array of sizes and temperature ranges — all custom matched to your unique requirements. We have both the experience and expertise to accommodate your furnace needs, no matter how challenging — whether for annealing, conveyor belt, slot or rotary forge, preheat or burn out, or any other customer specialty requirement.

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Our anneal furnace is suitable for annealing

Anneal Furnace — 30' Car Bottom with temperature ranges up to 2400°F. These industrial furnaces are suitable for annealing, forge, and preheat treating

Our burn out and preheat industrial furnace

Burn Out and Preheat Furnace for wax molds under-hearth fired (overhead fired also available). Extraordinary ±1° tolerances make these types of furnaces ideal for investment casting, lost wax, and spin casting processes.

Our industrial rotory forge furnace

Continuous Rotary Forge Furnace with Preheat Zone — gas fired, fiber roof, high productivity, space-saving design. This unit features unique replaceable modular refractory hearth sections.

Our industrial high temperature direct fired stainless steel refractoryless air heater

Dual Ladle Preheat Station Furnace — fiber-refractory-lined. This preheat furnace is used for preheating molten metal ladles.

Our tube preheat furnace

3-Section Tube Preheat Furnace — for casting tubes with a temperature range up to 2200°F.

Our slot forge furnace

Slot Forge Furnace — high efficiency, fiber lined, removable roof for a temperature range up to 2550°F. This slot forge furnace provides exceptional heat transfer into machined parts. Excellent replacement for older forge units.

Our 8-stack cover annealing furnace

8-Stack Cover Annealing Furnace — fiber lined, direct fired.

Our small car bottom furnace

When only a Car Bottom will suffice, here is a small (4' x 8') furnace that will take the heat up to 1500°F. We can reuse an existing car or provide a new one.