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Case Studies

Industrial Dual Conveyor Belt Oven

Dual conveyor belt oven provides flexibility

Two product streams are processed together

Problem: Customer desired maximum production with minimum floor space for continuous conveyor belt oven used for fastener drying. Hydrogen embrittlement reduction required four hour hold times.

Solution: I.C.E. designed and built a Dual Conveyor Belt Oven using jet impingement for the first preheat zone and horizontal cross-flow for the second holding zone. The jet impingement proved instrumental in assuring that the 8" deep fastener load was thoroughly and uniformly heated.

Result: The dual conveyor belt oven provided the following advantages:

Powder coat batch oven provides jop shop flexibility
Interior air flow promotes uniformity irregardless of the work shape

Powder Coat Batch Oven

Problem: The budget was tight but performance could not be sacrificed. Temperature uniformity and operating flexibility was paramount for fast job shop turnaround with this powder coat oven.

Solution: I.C.E. developed a Walk-In Curing Powder Coat Batch Oven with cross-flow built to provide heated air near the floor and a roof return. This would accommodate all work shapes without the typical "cold spot" that results in poor powder coatings. All recirculation and burner equipment is mounted on the back wall allowing the narrowest profile possible.

Result: The powder coat batch oven has the following advantages: